the envy of the forest (paperdollhearts) wrote in childbirth,
the envy of the forest


Name: aubrey
Status: married to james since 12-31-01 9yes, a new year's eve wedding, what fun)
Age: 28
Location: florida
Children: one on the way, due 2-04-06
pets: one pug named brady & 3 cats, bailey, muffin and ezra
Sahm/wohm/wahm: domestic homemaker and hope to be a ashm (we will see how expensive our new life gets)
Hobbies: rediscovering the domestic arts, sewing/quilting/stained glass/pottery, art, music, cultural exploration, reading, baking, so many
Dislikes: intolerance
More about me: moved to florida almost 2 years ago, lost everything to hurricane charley :( am preparing to move back north after baby is here. i graduated from the university of vermont in october '01 with a b.s. in psychology, but i still don't know what i want to be when i grow up ;) i love crafts and am always looking for new creative outlets. i am originally from a small town in upstate ny and now realise that small town life isn't too shabby (took me awhile and many miles to come to this). i love the snow and don't know why i ever left it. coziness and warmth are created by cold people, like hot cocoa, handknit sweaters and fireplaces.
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