Vane (xxvv69xx) wrote in childbirth,

X-posted ... NEW MOMMY

name: Vanessa
Age: 23
Location: Miami, Fl.
# of children: 1st timer
Sex of baby (if known): Image hosted by
child's name(if any): Katelyn
How far along are you: 22 weeks tomorrow
Due date: Image hosted by
pictures if any: Image hosted by Photobucket.commy other sonograms aren't uploaded yet...

Some more info...
This is my 1st baby, getting married to my 1st love hopefully next month... we currently live with his sister but we'll be getting our own place hopefully before next month... I'm excited but terrified at the same time I mean I love children and have been around babies all my life but theres that little feeling inside of fear of not knowing what to do since its my baby and not someone elses (am i making sense?) Anyway, I'm doing my baby registry next weekend and my aunts planning my babyshower I'm excited about that... my family has been very supportive as well as my hubby I love him so much ... So yea if you have any advice or comments or anything for this 1st time mommy please dont hesitate I looooooove talking about the baby and stuff...
Congrats to all of you preggos and new mommys <3
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