the little slattern (delilahblue) wrote in childbirth,
the little slattern

Spinal Headache

So my friend Elizabeth is having a neverending migraine from the spinal from her birth center transfer turned c-sec...Even though the o.b. that did the C-sec. is saying that it is not a spinal
headache and just "stress". She spoke to some of her midwives about it
and they said not so much conflicting information...but confusing
information, def. For the last day or so, she's been getting a
migraine that starts in the back of her head but travels to the front!
Percoset didn't help except for making her nauseous. And the ibuprofen
didn't touch it. Somebody (a midwife? nurse?) told her that what they
do for these spinal headaches is draw blood and then inject it into
her spine to form a blood clot. This seems kind of bizzarro to both of
us. Does a spinal headache ever go away on it's own? She is going in
on Monday to be checked for post-c.sec stuff but, obviously, she'd
kind of like to know what she may be in for?

Do any of ya'll know about the care and feeding of post-spinal anesth.
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